less than four weeks away...

Less than 4 wks before Boulder Fringe Festival!

Well, I've been hard at work getting Cabaret Libra: Songs of Love, Liberty, and Leisure up on its feet these last few weeks now, and - lo and behold - it's almost time to start lacing up its shoes!​

Brief history of CL

The idea to write a cabaret show about astrology grew directly out of my love for singing dramatic material and my life-long learning of astrology. As I would play/sing through many of my favorite songs, I began to notice how the 'personality' (or sometimes 'personalities') of each song's speaker could be understood in terms of the characteristics of the zodiac signs. So... as a Libra Sun person, it only seemed befitting to start there! (I soon learned that my Moon and Ascendant in Scorpio would demand to play a supporting role as well...)

...But what if you don't believe in Astrology?

No problem; for that matter, it could be the Enneagram or Myers-Briggs typology being used. The main difference is the type of system used to understand each other and ourselves. It might help to try and think of astrology as a family of ancient symbols that interact to tell stories about our personalities.

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