I create videos in order to give add dimension to the song's story.... All this started in May 2019, as I began shooting ~one-minute covers of some of my favorite songs, chosen (usually) by the birthdate of the song's writer and/or singer,  Although originals are scattered in (and featured in one mash-up), my primary goal now is to continue creating narrative/concept videos for my musicals "Skyway Blessing" and "Narcissus". Thanks for stopping by! 


This first video was produced by the amazingly talented Kyle Lamar of Digital Myle in Denver, CO, last June. The song is from the prologue of an original musical, SKYWAY BLESSING, that I wrote 2014-2016; words and music by Trixie Silver; instrumentation by Trixie Silver and Trevor Huster © Trixie Silver 2019. All rights reserved.

August 2020

cover of song by Debbie Taylor

©2020 Trixie Silver

July 2020

©2016 Trixie Silver

©2020 Trixie Silver

June 2020

*from Narcissus

cover of song by Gloria Ann Taylor

©2020 Trixie Silver

May 2020

©2020 Trixie Silver

April 2020

©2020 Silver Archer. All rights reserved. 

March 2020

February 2020

JOE WORKER from The Cradle Will Rock, by Marc Blitzstein, 1937 musical written and produced as part of the Federal Theatre Project/WPA. Ryan Skyles on piano. 2017.

MOVE OVER / Janis Joplin  January 2020

SMOOTH OPERATOR / Sade  January 2020